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Expecto Patronum!

© Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)


Wizards armed with their wands
Dementor or “death” costume


Explain the following things to the kids:
- They will have to practice the incredibly advanced Patronus Charm.
- The Patronus charm creates a Patronus, or protector. A silver-colored being (each is different, according to who does the spell) races out of the wand to ward off Dementors. The charm consists of thinking of a happy memory and the saying the words “Expecto Patronum.”

Make arrangements with an adult (and preferably a tall, large man) willing to play the Dementor. When the kids start practicing the spell, it should be their cue to leave the room and go change into the Dementor or “death” costume.

Have the kids look elsewhere when they practice their spells, then have the Dementor “appear” suddenly.

After a moment of shocked silence, the kids should rush to scream their charm, their wands pointing straight at the Dementor, who will of course leave cringing!

Activity Picture

Expecto Patronum!


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