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Conjuring Owls

© Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)


Felt (variety of colors)
Picking shears
Needle and thread or sewing machine

Preparation (Before the party)

Using this owl pattern (scroll down for the template), cut out pieces of felt with a pair of pinking shears. Have a variety of colors for the childrens to choose from.

For the body, make 2 large hearts, sew them together and fill them with a small amount of polyfill


Have the kids create owls out of the heart-shaped precut pieces of felt, feathers and glue.

Also teach them to use the spell Strigiformes (an actual English word that means “nocturnal birds of prey”) to conjure their owls from thin air.

The final product will be a very cute owl, unique to the kid who conjured it.

Activity Picture

Conjuring Owls


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