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Other Crafts

Bookmarks, Buttons & Magnets

Harry Potter Poetry Magnets, by DrunkKitty

Boxes, Tins & Frames

Chocolate Frog Hexagon Box, by Amy Nicholson
Edible Dark Marks Box, by hardhat_cat
Harry Potter Sin Tin, by hp5freak
Honeydukes Jar, by Caroline C.
Harry Potter Decoupage Photo Frame, by Megan
Metal Tin Holder, by Miss Tee
Portable Swamp Box, by hardhat_cat
Wizard's Cake Box, by Chris Barnardo

Dolls & Magical Creatures

Cornish Pixie, by Maricel (a.k.a. razzledazzlebee)
Dragon Egg, by Chris Barnardo
Dumbledore Polymer Clay Figure, by paperfaceparade
Pygmy Puff, by Katie Leeker
Wonder Witch Pygmy Puffs, by DeathEater22


Harry Potter Guess Who? Game, by lezlishae 

Miscellaneous Crafts

Click & Print Wizard Cards, by Jennifer Ofenstein (a.k.a. ofenjen)
Dark Mark Tattoo, by starbucks5721
Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder Label, by hardhat_cat
Quidditch Pitch, by hermionenluna

Muggle Devices

Dementor Christmas Tree Topper, by lezlishae
Faux Stone Signs, by Helene of Troy
Golden Snitch Antenna Ball (v2), by Jennifer Ofenstein (a.k.a. ofenjen)
Golden Snitch Antenna Topper, by heather_s_70056
Golden Snitch Christmas Ball, by Josée Leblanc 
Harry Potter Candle Holder, by Leanna Pierre
Hogwarts Crest - Magnetized!, by Nick McGill
Honeydukes' Sugar Quill Ornaments, by SuperJenn  NEW!!
Pygmy Puff Heat Sock, by ashleyep  NEW!!
Weasley Faces Vases, by Edenz  NEW!!

Muggle Technology

Harry Potter & the Deathly Photoshopper, by Grimsqueaker 
Hogwarts House Hair Clips, by iris_lily  (July 2010 Save Galleons! Why Buy It When You Can CRAFT It? Contest Entry)
S.P.E.W. Badge, by Yeti222

Parchments, Books & Albums

Altered "The Tales of the Beedle Bard" Book, by katandcon
Dragon Species of the World Book, by rvotaw  (July 2010 Save Galleons! Why Buy It When You Can CRAFT It? Contest Entry)
Gryffindor Diary, by Airallia
Invisible Ink, by MarcT
Mini Beedle the Bard Book, by PJ 
Monster Book of Monsters, by Jeannine Ginsburg 
Padded Photo Albums, by Josée Leblanc
Piano Hinge Monster Book of Monsters, by Lisa

Notebooks & Journals

Harry Potter Notebook, by Dani Johnston
Marauder's Journal, by Molly
Potions Book, by Aly
Potterized Notebook, by Yamwam

Parchment & Muggle Paper

Aging Copier (Inkjet) Paper, by patriciao82173
Aging Paper, by Curious Goods
Gryffindor Lion Notecards, by Megan
Marauder's Calendar, by Mollycoddle88
Owl Post Notecards, by Backstgartist
Parchment Paper, by Ali 
Ravenclaw Card, by Iris Lily
Slytherin Card, by Iris Lily
Snitch Card in House Colors, by Josée Leblanc (a.k.a. Josée~Madalia)
Stationery Set, by Josée Leblanc and Kyrane

Purses, Pouches & Other Bags

Duct Tape Bag, by KraftyKT
Snitch Duct Tape Purse, by Lezlishae
Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Pouch, by Hgflower

Wizarding Devices

Light-up Wand, by Chris Barnardo
Mad Eye Moody's Trunk, by Dani Johnston
Make Your Own Howler, by Puddle
Paper Wand, by Chris Barnardo 
Paper-Maché Cauldron, by hardhat_cat
Personalized Wand Handle, by lizzyrc  (July 2010 Save Galleons! Why Buy It When You Can CRAFT It? Contest Entry)
Skiving Snackbox, by Shelia

Wizard Wear

Bellatrix's Death Eater Mask, by ilovemyhobbits
Death Eater Mask, by Grimsqeaker
Henna Dark Mark, by Grimsqueaker
Mad-Eye Moody's Magical Eye, by Chris Barnardo
Spectrespecs, by Chris Morgan