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© Trian Mort

US 10 (6.00 mm) 14” (35.56 cm) needles
1 skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Edwardian
1 skein of Lion Brand Jiffy in Camel
Tapestry Needle

Holding the Homespun and Jiffy together as one thread cast on 35 stitches.

Knit 27 rows in stockinette stitch, making sure that the stitches are tight.

Row 28: Continue in stockinete stitch, but work this row is a little looser.

Row 29: Continue in stockinette stitch, but knit 3 strands together by picking up one stitch plus one strand from the next stitch, making sure to keep the stitches a little loose.

Row 30: Repeat row 29, noting that the last stitch will catch 4 strands instead of three.

Cut thread and knot off

Using a tapestry needle thread one strand of Jiffy yarn through the open stitches.

Leave about a foot of Jiffy yarn on each side and cut.

Slip the stitches off of the knitting needle.

Figure 1

Turn the piece inside out, so that the purl side is outside, and fold the sides in towards the center.

Sew the bottoms shut so that the stitches are on the purl side.

Sew up the middle.

Loop yarn through the middle of the bottom, leaving a long tail for pulling later.

Turn right side out.

Stuff around the pull thread until full.

Pull the drawstring thread in and knot off.

Pull up on the yarn attached to bottom so that by using a small amount of tension you create “legs”.

Knot off and stuff all of the ends inside.

Author's Note: The body can also be knit in the round so that there is not a seam to be sewn up the back. Once finished, simply lay flat, sow up the bottom and place your pull string.

Figure 2

Unravel approximately 8-9 yards (7.32-8.23 Meters) of Jiffy yarn from the skein and roll it into a ball.

Do this twice more, for a total of 3 small balls.

These will be combined and used for the inside of the face.

Using Jiffy and Homespun together as one thread, cast on 15 stitches.

Work 2 rows in stockinette stitch.

Combine the three strands of Jiffy and, using intarsia, create the owl’s face as follows, still working in stockinette stitch.

Row 1: 3 sts with Jiffy & Homespun (A), 9 sts with Jiffy (B), and 3sts with A.

Row 2: 2 sts with A, 11 sts with B, 2 sts with A.

Row 3: Repeat row 2.

Row 4: 1 st with A, 13 sts with B, 1 st with A

Rows 5 & 6: Repeat row 4.

Row 7: 1 st in A, 6 sts in B, 1 st in A, 6 sts in B, 1 st in A.

Row 8: 2 sts in A, 4 sts in B, 3 sts in A, 4 sts in B, 2 sts in A.

Row 9: 2 sts in A, 3 sts in B, 5 sts in A, 3 sts in B, 2 sts in A.

Row 10: 2 sts in A, 2 sts in B, 7 sts in A, 2 sts, in B, 2 sts in A.

Row 11: 2 sts in A, 1 st in B, 9 sts in A, 1 st in B, 2 sts in A.

Rows 12-30: Work stockinette stitch in A.

Bind off.

Figure 3

Turn purl side out and stitch up the sides using Jiffy yarn.

Turn right side out.

Fold the top corners in on themselves and sew in place along the side of the head seam, starting about 1 inch (2.54 cm) down to form the horns.

Tuck in all ends and stuff the head.

Attach the head to the body using Jiffy yarn.

Knot off and tuck the ends inside.

Author's Note: Try to place your stitches just under the bind off/cast on edge in the inside of the head. This will give the head a distinct, separated look, like real owls have, and hide your stitches.

Using Homespun only, cast on 5 sts.

Work 5 rows in stockinette stitch.

Row 6: Still working in stockinette stitch, decrease one stitch on each side by knitting 2 sts together.

Row 7: Knit 3 sts together.

Knot off.

Tuck loose ends into the purl side.

Close the edges and sew them shut using Homespun yarn.

Attach the top half of beak to appropriate place on face using Homepsun.

Figure 4

Working in garter stitch, and using Homespun only, cast on 5 sts.

Knit one row.

Increase one st at the beginning of the row, knit across.

Knit one row.

Increase one st at the beginning of the row, knit across.

Knit one row.

Increase one st at the beginning of the row, knit across.

Knit one row.

Increase one st at the beginning of the row, knit across.

Knit 7 rows.

*Decrease one st at the beginning of the row, knit across.

Knit one row.**

Repeat from * to ** until there is one stitch left.

Bind off.

Weave in ends.

Repeat for second wing.

Figure 5

Attach wings to sides of body with Homespun yarn.

The increase/decrease side of the wing goes in front for wings at rest and in the back for wings that fly.

Weave in ends.

You can either buy craft eyes to glue on, embroider them, or sew on buttons using black thread.

Final Product

Trian Mort's Great Horned Owl

Trian Mort's tutorial was taken with permission from the Trian's Patterns LiveJournal Community.

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On that note, Harry crafting to all!