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Gryffindor Canopy

© Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)


3 lengths of 1 to 1 1/2” PVC pipe cut into 18” (45.7 cm) pieces (use a hacksaw or have it done at your DIY store)
NotePVC under 1” is not recommended because it’s too flexible. Whatever size you choose, make sure the threaded plug & metal flange will work with the pipe. They’re easy to test at the DIY store.
3 threaded plugs
3 metal flanges
3 PVC caps
3 decorative wooden rosette with a flat back
Epoxy (glue)
Primer spray paint
Gold spray paint
Note: Use silver for Slytherin, bronze or silver for Ravenclaw and black for Hufflepuff
Measuring tape
Drill (optional)
Screws with anchors
5 1/2 yards (5 metres) of red satiny fabric
Note: Use green for Slytherin, blue for Ravenclaw or yellow for Huffelpuff


Hem fabric on both ends, set aside.

Following manufacturer’s directions, use epoxy to glue the threaded plugs to one end of each of the PVC pipes.

On opposite ends of pipes, use epoxy to attach the PVC caps.

Epoxy the wooden rosette onto the cap.

Allow epoxy to dry.

Screw pipe into metal flange. Stand up on it’s end in a well covered, well ventilated area.

Paint with primer. Allow to dry according to manufacturer’s directions.

Paint gold. Allow to dry overnight.

Find the center of your bed, mark a light line on the wall. Depending on the width of your bed, you will need to attach the flanges lower or higher. If you have someone helping you, it’s a good idea to hold the center pipe in place with the fabric, centered, on the pipe. You can then determine how high the center pipe should be and where to place your two side pipes. They can be low or high, depending on your preference. Use measuring tape to assure the three pipes will be symmetrical

Attach the metal flanges to the wall using screws and anchors, using the drill for pilot holes if necessary.

Screw pipes into each flange.

Arrange canopy fabric.

For added flair, make matching canopies for the windows in your room!

Final Product

Gryffindor Canopy - Bed Gryffindor Canopy - Window


Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)’s tutorial was taken with permission from

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On that note, Harry crafting to all!