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Bat Wings

Bat Wings, by Britta
Bat Wings (v2), by (submitted by Chelikins)

Dragon Appetizers

Dragon Dung Fertilizer, by Doris TLC
Dragon Eggs, by Chelikins
Dragon Heart Dip, by DorisTLC

Herbology Appetizers

Herbology Crudites Platter, by Britta
Herbology Fruit Platter, by Britta

Hogwarts Cuisine

Yorkshire Pudding, by (submitted by Chelikins)

Scrolls Appetizers

Homework Scrolls, by Britta
Parchment Scrolls (v1), by Britta
Parchment Scrolls (v2), by Britta
Parchment Scrolls (v3), by Britta
Parchment Scrolls (v4), by Clawtooth35

Troll Appetizers

Troll Bites, by DorisTLC
Troll Toenails, by BevBev and Vonners

Other Appetizers

Cauldron Corn, by Lady Stratford
Celestial Crackers, by (submitted by Jennifer Ofentsein (ofenjen))
Hagrid's Barbecue Surprise, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Hogwarts Brie in Puff Pastry, by Britta 
Hogwarts House Salad, by Ravenclawgirl13
Revenge on Rita, by Moose-Star
Sirius Snack Mix, by Pellinore
Snape's Stuffed Toadstools, by DorisTLC
Squid Shooters, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Syrup Scones, by (submitted by Lexicon_Bel~)
Wizard's Cheese Crystal Ball, by (submitted by Jennifer Ofentsein (ofenjen))


Hogwarts Express Tea Trolley

Cauldron Cakes, by Britta
Cauldron Cakes (v2), by LexiconBel~
Cauldron Cakes (v3), by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Cauldron Cakes (v4), by (submitted by Chelikins) 
Chocolate Frogs, by LunaOfRavenclaw
Chocolate Frogs (v2), by LunaOfRavenclaw
Licorice Wands, by Britta
Pumpkin Pasties, by Britta
Pumpkin Pasties (v2), by (submitted by Chelikins)
Pumpkin Pasties (v3), by (submitted by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen))


Acid Pops, by Britta
Cockroach Clusters, by Britta
Cockroach Clusters (v2), by (submitted by Rebecca & Son)
Honeyduke's Sampler, by Betty K.
Jelly Slugs, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Peppermint Toads, by Britta
Sugar Quill, by Andrea Parmentier
Toothflossing Stringmints, by (submitted by Chelikins)

Non Canon Candies & Sweets

Hedwig's Crinkle Crackle, by ashleyep  NEW!!
Tamed Tentacle Tablet, by Cymophane M. Stonechat

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Edible Dark Mark Biscuits, by hardhat_cat
Fainting Fancies, by (submitted by Shelia)
Fever Fudge, submitted by Shelia
Nosebleed Nougat, submitted by Shelia
Puking Pastilles, by Shelia
Ton-Tongue Toffee, by (submitted by Chelikins)


Aunt Petunia's Kitchen

Violet Pudding, by (submitted by Chelikins)

Hogwarts Cuisine

Hagrid's Rock Cakes, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Hagrid's Treacle Fudge, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Hagrid's Treacle Fudge (v2), by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Mini Treacle Tarts, by Britta
Professor Slughorn's Crystalized Pineapple, by crucio_uk
Treacle Tart, by Lady Stratford
Witches Hats, by M. Bumgarner

Molly Weasley's Kitchen

Homemade Ice Cream, by (submitted by Tanaqui)
Rhubarb Crumble, by (submitted by Chelikins)

Non Canon Desserts

Beaubâtons Cuisine
Fleur's Kisses, by (submitted by Chelikins)
French Pudding, by (submitted by Chelikins)

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Cakes, by Josh Lenten
Cauldron Cake, by DorisTLC
Dumbledore's Sweet Tooth Bliss, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Flitwick's Floating Cake, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Golden Snitch Cake, by Michelle Malach 
Hermione's Homework, by Andrea Parmentier
Hogwarts Graveyard Cupcakes, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Severus Snape Birthday Cake, by Melissa Ray
Smoking Cauldron Cake, by Margie Williams
Snake Cake, by Rosie Riot 
Sorting Hat Cake, by Margie Williams
Voldetorte, by The Chocolate Inn (submitted by Lady Stratford)

Bone Meringue Cookies, by cncgirl00
Doxy Biscuits, by hardhat_cat
Hagrid's Rock Cookies, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Phoenix Nest Cookies, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Soft Pumpkin Cookies, by Pellinore
Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Star Cookies), by DorisTLC

Durmstrang Cuisine
Durmstrang Edelweiss Torte, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Krum's Frankfurter Gruntz, by (submitted by Chelikins)

Snape's Fizzing Jelly Slugs, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Snape's Preserving Jars, by Andrea Parmentier

Other Non Canon Desserts
Buckbeak Eyes, by Lady Stratford 
Candy Witch's Hats, by LunaOfRavenclaw
Chocolate Wands, by Puffin
Creepy Pie, submitted by DorisTLC
Dobby's Delight, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Dungeon Sludge, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Energy Pudding, by Andrea Parmentier
Fairy Godmother (or Harry Potter) Wands, by (submitted by Sybil)
Frog Spawn Pudding, by hardhat_cat 
Galleons, Sickles & Knuts, by hardhat_cat 
Gilderoy's French Chocolate Dream, by always_a_sidekick
Hagrid's Tasty Rock Toffee, by Kim (Leaky Lounge)
Mrs. Weasley's Mulled Wine Syllabub, by JaneMarple9
Never Melt Ice Cream, by Rachel Armstrong
Pixie Treats, by Kristi Smith
Pumpkin Pie Muffins, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Ron's Worst Dessert, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Sugar Eggs, by McGonagall's Cat
Troll Toes, by (submitted by Chelikins)
White Chocolate Billywig Pie, by Dragonsinger



Butterbeer, by Britta
Butterbeer (v2), by (submitted by Chelikins)
Butterbeer (v3), by (submitted by Chelikins) 
Butterbeer (v4), by hp931  NEW!!
Chilled Butterbeer, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Diet Butterbeer, by Britta 
Diet Butterbeer (v2), by LiveLaughLovePotter
Hagrid's Good, Hot Butterbeer, by fw00per
Hot Buttered Rum Batter, by Susan Pattee
Hot Frothy Butterbeer, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Hot Frothy Butterbeer (v2), by Angela Barnes
Kids Butterbeer, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Kids Butterbeer (v2), by Andrea of the Leaky Lounge (submitted by Anon)

Magical Punches

Betty Crocker® Magic Potion Punch, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Dragon Blood Punch, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Dragon Snot, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Frobscottle, by Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes (submitted by Tanaqui)
Green Slime Punch, by LisaQQQ

Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin Juice, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Pumpkin Juice Mix, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Real Pumpkin Juice, by Britta

Other Drinks

Billywig Blink!, by Dragonsinger
Firewhiskey, by Stephanie Barnes
Butterscotch (Gregory's Unctious Unction), by Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes (submitted by Tanaqui)
Snape's Red Potion, by (submitted by Chelikins)

Main Courses

Crockpot Pea Soup, by Twinsmum 
Diricawl Goulasch, by Airallia
Molly Weasley's Onion Soup, by Mari (a.k.a. Twinsmum)
Green Pea Soup (Scintillating Solution), by Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes (submitted by Tanaqui)
The Leaky Cauldron's Pea Soup, by Moose-Star
Viktor's Bratwurst & Rice, by (submitted by Chelikins)
Wizarding Waffles, by Stephanie