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Basics for Beginners

Extended Single Crochet, by Amber Lowery

Afghans, Graph Ghans & Blankets

Snape Graph Ghan (CHART ONLY), by Becky
*This chart may also be used for cross-stitching, knitting, or any other craft that may require the use of a chart.

Dolls, Stuffed Animals & Other Toys

Baby Mandrake, by Dragonsinger
Billywig, by Dragonsinger
Bowtruckle, by Dragonsinger  
Harry Potter 12" (30.5 cm) Doll, by Janie
House Hat & Scarf Set for 15-18" (38.1-45.7 cm) Stuffed Animal, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Molly Weasley Doll Sweater, by Dragonsinger
Owlets, by Roman Sock
Pygmy Puffs, by Pren Wilcox
Slightly Fierce (but really friendly) Dragon, by Heavens-hellcat

Muggle Devices

Cauldron Pin Cushion, by Pren Wilcox 
Golden Snitch Tape Measure, by Kim Strauss 
Hufflepuff Badger Baby Bib, by Dragonsinger  
Leaky Cauldron Ornament, by Dragonsinger
Owl Eye Mask, by Roman Sock

Muggle Wear

Hemp & Bead House Bracelets, by Dragonsinger   
House Beanie, by Pren Wilcox  
House HDC Beanie, by Pren Wilcox
House Elf Hat, by Laine Hammy
Prisoner of Azkaban Style Scarf, by Molly
Prisoner of Azkaban Style Scarf (v2), by Luvtocraft
Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf (v3), by CraftyAndy
Witch's Hat, by Cheryl Oxsalida

Other Items

Miniature Molly Weasley Sweater, by Mary Cochran (a.k.a. Dragonsinger)

Pillows & Pillowcases

Chudley Cannons Pillow, by Amber Lowery

Potholders, Squares and Wallhangings

12" (30 cm) Gryphon Square, by Melissa Mall

Quills, Pencils & Pens

Broom Pen, by Becky
Broom Pencil Cover, by Alene
Golden Snitch Pencil Cover, by Alene
Gryffindor Lion Pencil Cover, by Alene
Snake Pen, by Becky
Jack-O-Lantern Finger Puppet/Pencil Topper, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)

Wizard Wear

Faux "Knit" Prisoner of Azkaban Syle Scarf, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Hogwarts Student Hat, by Pren Wilcox  
House Unity Scarf, by LJ Roberts (November 2010 Knitting vs. Crochet War Contest Entry)  NEW!!
Luna Lovegood's Scarf, by Melissa Helton (a.k.a. pinkleo)
Luna Lovegood's Thestral Cardigan, by Megan Nieves
Luna Lovegood's Tote, by Amy O'Holleran
Luna's Necklace, by Tricia L. Richardson (November 2010 Knitting vs. Crochet Wat Contest Entry)  NEW!!
Ron's Animal Cracker Hat, by Runningwiththegnomes (November 2010 Knitting vs. Crochet War Contest Entry)

Wizarding Devices

Mad-Eye Moody Eye Patch, by Kelly (a.k.a. hoodlumknit)
Mini Cauldron, by Dragonsinger  
Wand Holder, by Dragonsinger

Pattern Sales

Coat of Many ColorsCoat of Many Colors (a.k.a. Molly's CoS Cardigan), by Shelle Hendrix Cain
The pattern, which includes both the sleeves and the pink cardigan, costs USD7.00 and is available in M/L and XL/2X sizes.
Molly Weasley Style Crocheted SleevesMolly Weasley Style Crochet Sleeves Pattern, by Jo
The PDF pattern of the sleeves only costs USD7.50.