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Welcome, welcome, to another year at Hogwarts! This month's craft-along will have us all sporting brand new scarves to wear to school. Starting September 1st, join your friendly neighborhood Crafty Witches in knitting or crocheting our very own Hogwarts House Scarves, or else another scarf as inspired by one of our famous school chums.

Feel free to pop into the Questions and Techniques Discussion thread for help as you go along, and be sure to post your triumphant finished scarf pics in the Finished Projects thread.

Thanks and happy crafting,
Rosemary / Quietish
on behalf of the Leaky Crafty Witches and Wizard

Prisoner of Azkaban Style Scarf, by eyesthatlightup
Prisoner of Azkaban Style Scarf (v2), by Dreamteam 
Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf on the Round, by CraftyAndy
Dark Mark Illusion Scarf, by Lindsay 
Glam Rock Ravenclaw Scarf, by Thea Eschliman 
Gryffindor Illusion Scarf, by hardhat_cat
Hogwarts Unity Scarf, by Lily (a.k.a. MissJubilee) 
My House Unity Scarf, by Cheryl 
Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf, by AmyLeigh
Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone Style Hogwarts Scarves, by Laura Kent

Faux "Knit" Prisoner of Azkaban Syle Scarf, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Luna Lovegood's Scarf, by Melissa Helton (a.k.a. pinkleo)