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Welcome to HP 101

an index of theories, ideas and acronyms used throughout the Harry Potter fandom

Harry Potter 101 (HP101) is an idea that was created on our forum, The Leaky Lounge, when one of our valued members, davidenglish, suggested we have some sort of reference for members new to fandom.

From that idea, HP101 was born. Below you’ll find links with information on various theories that have made their way into fan’s hearts. You’ll also find information such as a complete quide to Harry Potter acronyms originally made by our own Asphodel Wormwood, but added to greatly by our Leaky Lounge mods.

This is a dynamic area that is ever growing as our team of mods are constantly looking to add more ideas, please feel free to contact them on The Lounge here in the “Ask Madame Pince” thread.

Thanks and enjoy!