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From Jon

May 02, 2009

I don’t talk politics much.  I don’t read the paper - I don’t really trust the paper.  I have a few friends who are politically aware and I trust them to keep me apprised of anything major.  Several weeks ago I was visiting with one such politically-minded friend and we got on the subject of the Gay Rights Movement.  Thanks mostly to 365Gay News on Logo, this was one political conversation in which I could really contribute, so we got really into it.  I told him...

From tlccraftywitches

April 29, 2009

The bodice that I am wearing is laced a little too tight and I'm wearing the skirt that I save just for this occasion every year.  And as he steps up to the front of the stage my pulse goes crazy.  And then he says it…“As some of you may know, today is Miguel's birthday and someone has something for him.”I see Don Juan smile as one set of eyes searches the front row of the packed crowd for me because he knows that's where I always sit.  That's when I stand, letting the wrap...

From tlccraftywitches

April 22, 2009

So, I have been staring at a blank page for about.. *checks watch* *realizes her watch broke 2 months ago* ..Oh..err..awhile, trying to think of something interesting to say for my very first blog post! It certainly doesn’t help that there are far too many distractions in the form of sewing, organizing my fabric stash, Facebook, staring in the fridge, Facebook, MyLeaky, Facebook, corn chips, MyLeaky…  I guess it’ll be best to start with the basics. Hi! My name is Tammy aka mixymo,...

From Oxymoronic

April 21, 2009

Hi.  My name is Oxymoronic.  And I'm a recovering hope-aholic.  It all started when Obama backtracked big with his stance on FISA.That was a warning sign, but I chose to ignore it....I figured, he had to play it safe for now....he's trying to get elected into the highest office in the land.  I tried hard to justify it.But a part of me knew.  I didn't want to think it.  I didn't even want to say it out loud.  He's the same.  He's like all the rest.No. ...

From tlccraftywitches

April 19, 2009

I love crafting, but sometimes I’m especially glad I am a crafter. It might be a crafter’s thing, but I always need to be doing something with my hands. I can’t stand to simply watch TV for instance, or to sit in a waiting room. Crafting keeps me company. This does tend to get in the way of me sitting and reading an actual physical book (audiobooks are my friends as of late), but I will gladly take that over sitting on my hands to keep them from fidgeting. For the last handful of weeks...

From Doris

April 17, 2009

On April 9, 2009, this 11 year old young man left his school, went home and hung himself.  Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover had endured endless teasing at school.  His mother begged school officials for help, but the bullying didn't stop.  His 12th birthday would have been April 17th.  You can read more about Carl's story here.As a teacher, I show up in a classroom to help my students learn how to make their way out in the world.  But for some students, school is not a safe...

From twiddlethosedials

April 07, 2009

Part of me wants to know... and part of me doesn't want to know. I heard waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back about a rumor that the Master, Donna and Wilf would be making a reappearance in the Christmas special(s) in 2009. Can't speak to Donna or the Master, but... Russell T. Davies is confirming Bernard Cribbins will be in the special(s). Is it a red herring? Is it for a flashback only? Who knows? But it sure is fun to speculate. Besides, Den of Geek also spotted John Simm on set recently. Just sayin'.

From Jon

April 05, 2009

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a concept album the band Of Montreal put out called “Skeletal Lamping,” which featured a character, the lead singer’s alter ego, called Georgie Fruit.  Georgie is a person who has been through multiple sex changes, from man to woman and back again many times.  Predictably, my employer walked by and said that she couldn’t understand that at all.  To her, “it’s like make up your mind already!” she said.  It would...

From twiddlethosedials

April 01, 2009

Have you seen the new trailer for the next Doctor Who special? I'd thought it wasn't supposed to be on until today, but apparently there was something on BBC last night. I don't have a link for you, but I do have a synopsis, so don't read on if you don't want to know. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll we go. The...

From Doris

March 28, 2009

A little over 6 months ago my family realized how much we depend on electricity.  After Hurricane Ike, we had to spend 2 weeks totally without electricity.  One of the many things we all discovered during these two weeks is the joy of reconnecting with our families and our neighbors.  We learned how many things there are to do without electricity.  We played Monopoly again, and not on the computer, but on the actual board.  We relearned how to play dominoes, sat in candle-lit...

From tlccraftywitches

March 26, 2009

So, about a million times I’ve tried to start this blog post…and about 999,999 times I’ve been distracted by something else…and of those 999,999 times, probably 750,000 has been due to something with crafting.  And not always a new project or continuing with a UFO.  No, it’s just the way my brain works.  I don’t even have to START a craft to be thinking on it, and the next thing I know, the cursor to this blog entry is blinking at me….empty.  *stands up* ...

From Jessica

March 20, 2009

   Being somewhat new to the fandom, I have never got to experience the hype surrounding all things Harry Potter… until now. I never got to go to a fun midnight release party for a book. I never got to wait outside a theater eagerly with fellow Potter fans for a movie. I never got so excited to see a trailer before or to wait for a book to come out in all my life!     I am sad that I did not get to join in those wonderful rites of passage that being a Harry...

From tlccraftywitches

March 17, 2009

I’ve always enjoyed giving, at times too much.  You know what I’m talking about…you have a group of people in your life that just mean so much…you want to craft them some love in a box…you start out with gusto, a full head of steam, and then…you fizzle out.  The crafts that you started with such joy sit, sad and alone, in a basket.  You look at them wistfully and tell yourself, “Maybe I’ll find the time to work on them tomorrow.”; though you know that you won’t.How,...

From Jon

March 11, 2009

  A few years ago, if you had asked me about the day I met J.K. Rowling, I probably would have mumbled something about how I told heard I liked to read just like Hermione and how much I loved this story.  But that bit of history would have been slightly revisionist.  I did say those things, but as I have finally grown up enough that I understand that the past is often embarrassing, especially when you’re talking teenaged years, but it happened, and that’s what makes it so hilarious. ...

From Doris

March 01, 2009

One of the reasons I became a reading teacher is really pretty simple, literate adults have a world of possibilities in front of them.  The opposite is true for those who are illiterate.  If you've read my blog post on Global Literacy, you know and understand why it's such a passion of mine.  As a child with dyslexia I personally struggled to decode the foreign language on the paper in front of me, and without the love and understanding of many caring adults I shudder to think...

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