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From Rudi

July 24, 2008

Just when you think you have it all figured out The first issue of the Quibbler is out the door and it seems to have been a big success with some 72000 views. While I can say with all honesty I am amazed, it turns out that once you’ve done it once, the second time is not easier. We tried to take all the feedback from the first tissue and incorporate it into the second issue and have had mixed success. Now I despair that although stylistically and content wise Issue 2 is much better than issue...

From Abbey

July 24, 2008

"It comes down to whether or not you trust Dumbledore’s judgment. I do; therefore, I trust Severus." We know that Severus Snape did not have the best home life, and that he knew (loved) Lily Evans. We also find out that he does have the capacity to love, in fact, it was his decision to love Lily that caused most of the events in the Harry Potter series. So, knowing this...where exactly did this man come from? What has made him the man that he is today? I find that these two questions are the...

From Doris

July 24, 2008

Most adults realize that reading is an integral part of our daily lives. Yes, we have to read. We can't get jobs, order food, excel in school, or enjoy our favorite novels without the benefit of understanding the written word. For some of us, reading is a routine event that brings us joy and serves a purpose. But for many people, literacy is the snitch that even Harry Potter can not catch. According to this International Reading Association 2007 study "The relationship of illiteracy and poverty...

From Overcast

July 24, 2008

Now, I have to begin with Harry Potter. It's his story. When I think of Harry the first thing that comes to mind is a boy that never wanted to be a hero. A boy that didn't want fame. He just wanted to be Harry. Even though he felt that way he never shied away from what he had to do. Does the name "Harry" actually go with this character? What's in a name? What's in this name? The name "Harry" is the English version of "Henry", which comes from the German name "Heimiric". When you break down "Heimiric"...

From Jamie

July 21, 2008

First I want to thank the AMAZING Tom Scribble for the snippets of her artwork on my blog banner. She is truly one of the GREAT HP FanArtists! Now, about this little ol' blog-thingy here: I thought, being the big HP FanArt geek that I am, it might be nice to talk a bit more about art in general, HP fan art in particular, and the visual side of the Potter-phenomenon. In a more personal manner than is possible in the Leaky Gallery Forums, that is. I'll explain the soup reference in a later article...

From tlccraftywitches

July 19, 2008

There is an amazing group of women that work at The Leaky Cauldron that I have had the joy of working with for the past two years -- the Crafty Witches. We get the fun of finding and sharing fantastic tutorials and craft ideas all Harry Potter related with visitors to both the Leaky Cauldron Main Site and the Leaky Lounge. When I first came on board, I had been crafting Harry Potter related items for about a year already and even though I was part of an online Harry Potter crafting group, had...

From Kimmy

July 17, 2008

One of my favorite parts of "Harry Potter Movie season" (which is what I call the time when we get bombarded with promotional images for the new movie) is the release of that movie's teaser poster. While the release of the "Hagrid's Hut" pictures is what gets people thinking about the new movie, the release of the teaser poster really helps start the excitement about the next movie release. From the perspective of a Gallery Guru, the teaser poster also signals a different kind of excitment. To...

From Sue

July 15, 2008

Welcome! Welcome! This is the blog of Sue, Senior Editor at I post news on Leaky and am a host (as well as a bringer of news) on our podcast as well. Like our song says, Leaky has a whole 'lotta news. Harry Potter news, related news, silly news, sad news, exciting news, news about movies, music, books and more. This blog will contain my various thoughts, reactions, ponderings about not only the news as it pertains to fans, but to the whole of the Harry Potter fandom. I am thrilled...

From Overcast

July 15, 2008

Hi, everyone! This is my first real blog. I have one on LJ but I rarely update it. I'm determined to keep this one current. I'll probably update this once or twice a week. As my bio states, I'm working on a book right now. I believe every name in it should have a meaning behind it. For me it adds to the overall character development and story, even if the reader doesn't have firsthand knowledge of it. We all know J.K. Rowling's character names have a lot of meaning. I want to use this blog to...

From Doris

July 12, 2008

We all came to know Harry Potter in different ways, and for every fan, Harry has a special place in our hearts. For me, I've been a fan of Harry for many years for many reasons. Each of those reasons has moved from my classroom with a newly found love of reading. Many of those reasons, my students, are now filling university classrooms. It all started with that first reason. A typical boy, my son loved life, reading, school and sports. As he grew his love of athletics replaced his love for the...

From Candace

July 11, 2008

It's hard to imagine a time when Harry Potter didn't exist. The books have sat in a neat row on the third shelf of my bookcase for as long as I can remember. I have files of transcriptions saved on both my PC and my laptop, and a couple of Harry Potter related clothing items I adore. Almost two years ago I discovered something else that captured my attention. You see, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was not due for awhile and I was frequenting the bookstore and the library for something...

From JeffHPFan

July 11, 2008

Harry Potter has had a large influence on my life; from new knowledge of other cultures, to the friends I have gained from this awesome series-- the list goes on and on. When I was thinking about an idea for a blog, I was stumped for a while. Then, after chatting with someone, I was given the idea of perhaps just doing a blog about how the fandom and the series has changed and affected my life. Not only has my life changed because of these books, but I think it's fair to say that if you're currently...

From mlwl

July 11, 2008

Hey everybody! Or at least, hey to the small contingent of everybody who has decided to read my little cubby of the Potterverse. :) Given the opportunity, I'm planning to yak your ear off about one of my three passions: BOOKS! (I'm not really capable of relating the other two to Rowling's work, unfortunately). I know that I'm not the only one who has been wondering what other books could be almost as enthralling as these, and in my own hunt I've found some seriously cool works. Like the severely...

From Shawna

July 10, 2008

Before I actually begin blogging, I wanted to give you a lowdown on what this is going to be about and what you will expect to see. The blogs will be geared towards the magical creatures of the Harry Potter series. Some things you will see are the mythologies of creatures, the meanings of their names, the relationship between a creature and a person or other creature, and some of my views, as well as other features that I may come up with in the future. Each blog will also have some thoughts...

From Melissa

July 09, 2008

Hello! Welcome to my Leaky blog. I’ve found that more than six years covering this “beat” has given me a lot of thoughts about Potter, life, culture, fandom and more, that no one but you fine folk would be interested in hearing. Plus, I’ve been getting angry e-mails for two solid years from people who hate that our set reports have gone oral on the podcasts – and I agree with them, to a point (the point at which posting a set report during the week of the movie’s...

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