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Fred and George Apologize and Update

January 06, 2009, 10:16 PM

First off Fred and I would like to apologize for our long silence. Unfortunately our transcription elf, MirandaV, has been rather busy lately and we have absolutely no computer know how and must rely on her availability. So the holidays just passed and we had a banner year at the Weasley house. We all got new sweaters (surprise, surprise). Miranda had a great Christmas too, her new babies (Part of the reason she hasn't been around to help us out is she gave birth to her own little Gred and Forge,...

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July 08, 2008, 01:01 AM

Welcome Welcome Hello and welcome to my blog "The Twin Spot". Here we will address the eternal question of "What would Fred and George think?" No one will be spared their rapier wit, there is no safe haven from a well timed jibe. If you've done it...they will comment on it. This blog is going to be mostly a fun blog. Getting the Fred and George perspective on the muggle world and the things we see, read about or hear about in it. I may, on occasion, blog in my own voice about things but mostly...

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Name: MirandaV
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MirandaV is one of Leaky's Gallery Goddess', a stay-at-home mom and a producer of GalleryCast. This blog will be a fun look at the world through the eyes of Fred and George!