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Leaky News Archives for September 2003

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Pictures of Vandalized Train

Posted by: Melissa
September 06, 2003, 09:02 AM

Thanks Black, for sending us these pics of the vandalized Hogwarts Express that appeared in The Sun:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Online Movie Premieres

Posted by: Kristin
September 05, 2003, 10:07 AM

The world's first online movie, starring Harry Potter actor David Bradley, will premiere today.

HP News Alerts

Posted by: Kristin
September 05, 2003, 10:04 AM

Warner Brothers is now offering fans of their Harry Potter movie series a chance to get updates via computer.

Want To Be a British Citizen? Better Know Harry...

Posted by: Melissa
September 05, 2003, 08:04 AM

The Straits Times reports that all applicants for British citizenship must be able to answer several questions about that great nation...including one about Harry Potter.
Thanks, Richard!

Huge Jerk Arrested

Posted by: Kristin
September 04, 2003, 02:24 PM

Manhattan U.S. Attorney James Comey announced that federal postal inspectors arrested John Zuccarini, 53, yesterday morning at a Hollywood, Fla., hotel where he had been living.
According to a federal complaint, Zuccarini lured young computer users to pornographic Web sites by misspelling Web addresses of pages that appealed toContinued...


On Burning Books

Posted by: Kristin
September 04, 2003, 11:03 AM

A professor from Southern Vermont College is offering a course on banned books:
There have already been 6,364 challenges posed to the American Library Association, and that was only between the years of 1990 and 2000.

What if all the challenges went uninvestigated, and the suspect books were summarily banned? No one would end upContinued...


Harry Potter Title Spoofs

Posted by: Melissa
September 04, 2003, 08:09 AM

A hilarous list of "potential titles" for the next Harry Potter from McSweeney's Internet. Anybody else out there a Judy Blume fan?
Thanks, Mella!


HP3 Trailer Debut Date

Posted by: Melissa
September 03, 2003, 10:46 PM

Thanks Beckie, for informing us that Dark Horizons says that the HP3 trailer will appear on December 5 next to Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai; many TLC readers will remember that we reported that the trailer would debut on November 14, attached to Loony Tunes: Back in Action. We'll find out which or if both are trueContinued...


Regarding Seabottom and HP6/HP7 Titles

Posted by: Melissa
September 03, 2003, 10:35 PM

First of all, hi, I'm somewhat-back from the other end of the earth and will be in-again-out-again for a bit.
It wouldn't be a vacation if a Harry Potter scandal hadn't erupted while I was gone, so here goes:

Regarding Seabottom and the likeliness of Harry Potter and the Mudblood Revolt and HarryContinued...


Hogwart's Express Vandalized

Posted by: Melissa
September 03, 2003, 08:26 PM

The train used in the Harry Potter films to depict the Hogwart's Express was vandalized according to the Daily Record.


A Very Honest Potter Pirate

Posted by: Melissa
September 03, 2003, 02:26 PM

According to the BBC the person who translated OotP for a pirated version was nice enough to apologize for poor graphics and any errors made throughout the book.
On one page the translator warns: "Here comes something that I'm unable to translate, sorry."

Thanks for the link, John!


Mrs. Weasley On the Red Carpet

Posted by: Melissa
September 03, 2003, 12:38 PM

Believe it or not, this is Mrs. Weasley (Julie Walters) at the premiere of her new film, Calendar Girls!
Thanks, Julez!


I Want My GoF

Posted by: Melissa
September 03, 2003, 12:30 PM

Market Wire takes a look at the worldwide campaign to see more than 2 1/2 hours of GoF on the big screen.

Hagrid Wins Competition

Posted by: Melissa
September 03, 2003, 12:22 PM

Jamie Boubezavi won the UK Young Impressionist 2003 competition with his impression of Hagrid.


German Cover of OotP

Posted by: Melissa
September 02, 2003, 11:19 PM

The ballots have been counted and the cover of the German version of OotP has been chosen!

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