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Leaky News Archives for May 2003

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Mr. Darcy vs Harry Potter

Posted by: Melissa
May 12, 2003, 08:01 AM

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article discussing the recently announced results of a survey asking what the UK's 50 Best-Loved books by a female author are. The first Harry Potter book, Philosopher's Stone, is in fact 13th on the list while 3 of Jane Austen's place 1st, 6th and 7th. Thanks to Karen for remindingContinued...

Harry Potter Makes Legal History

Posted by: Melissa
May 12, 2003, 07:54 AM

According to this article in the Independent, the recent court injunction issued in Britian has been the first time a "John Doe" order has ever been issued in that country.

"To our knowledge this is the first time in this country in over 150 years that a defendant is presently unknown", saidContinued...

HP Voted #35 in Least Popular Britons

Posted by: Melissa
May 11, 2003, 11:23 PM

Channel 4 in the UK has rated our Harry #35 on its list of Britons that Britons love to hate. Just how many Snapes are there in Britain?

Harry Potter Mentioned on SNL

Posted by: Melissa
May 04, 2003, 12:26 AM

Saturday Night Live made mention of the Harry Potter phenomenon tonight, commenting that Book Five's print run of 8.5 million books would merit the sixth book the title: "Harry Potter and the End of Trees."

Another Fanfic Author Gets Published

Posted by: Melissa
May 03, 2003, 12:27 AM

HP Fanfic author Laura Klotz has recently published a book entitled Saving the World in Your Spare Time: The Pocket Guide to Effecting Positive Change." The book is summarized thus:

This book is designed to help anyone who wants to change the world around them but isn’t sure how to go about it. ...AlthoughContinued...

Summary of Simpsons' Episode.

Posted by: Melissa
May 02, 2003, 11:33 PM

I was recently doing some digging on the Simpsons episode we will be seeing next season and on this site I found a summary that excludes the plot line mentioned awhile ago from Newsround (Saying that the family goes to England to find a girl Grandpa Simpson had a wartime fling with). Read at your own risk...

Mr. BurnsContinued...

Gaming Galore

Posted by: Melissa
May 02, 2003, 10:46 PM

No, not the quidditch one... recently added "The Staircase Game" to their "Fun and Games" section.

And even more gaming news! Here's a small blurb from Yahoo News about cross-promotion:

This fall will be the first year that EA will ship "Potter" games without a film release to hang aContinued...

JKR to Read for US Kids as well...

Posted by: Melissa
May 02, 2003, 01:32 PM

Scholastic has put out a release announcing that 10 lucky kids will also be flown to the big reading of Book 5 by JKR on June 26th. How to win? Write a 300-word essay on "If you could have one special power taught at Hogwarts, what would it be and why?". You must be under 18 and get the essay to ScholasticContinued...

Dan was *not* in a car accident today.

Posted by: Melissa
May 02, 2003, 12:32 PM

A story's been making the rounds on the web today claiming that Dan Radcliffe was in a car accident on the M1 after 10 this morning. We've been in touch
with sources in the UK who confirmed with Warner Bros that there's no truth in the reports. There's been no car accident and Dan's been filmingContinued...

JKR to Read from Book Five (Newsround Exclusive)

Posted by: Melissa
May 01, 2003, 12:33 PM

Newsround has an exclusive story about JKR giving a reading for 4,000 very, very, very, very, very lucky HP fans. Schools can apply to have their pupils take part at the Bloomsbury Web site through May 16. The reading will take place on June 26 in London's majestic Royal Albert Hall; Stephen FryContinued...

50 days to go!

Posted by: Melissa
May 01, 2003, 12:11 PM

Sounds a bit redundant when we've got the counter up there, but as Muggle Pride wrote in to tell us, we're at the 50-day-mark. I don't know about you guys, but I'm about to lose it. As the Chipmunks might say, "We can hardly stand the wait, please Ju-une don't be late..."

Harry Potter and the Internet Hoax

Posted by: Melissa
May 01, 2003, 11:58 AM

From website Press of Atlantic City comes this article on the fake copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix currently circulating around the internet. (Note: Spoiler warning.)

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