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Many New "Deathly Hallows" Images Released With 2011 Calendars

DH Film
Posted by: Mel
September 25, 2010, 09:11 PM

Images from the 2011 Harry Potter wall calendar have been released, and many of them include entirely new pictures:

Fred and George about to take the Polyjuice Potion, standing near Mundungus Fletcher
Mrs. Weasley and Ginny looking worried
Harry running/Ron with Snatchers
Harry at the wedding
Hermione at Ignotus Peverell's grave
Luna and Xenophilius at the wedding
Hermione in the woods
Moody with the Polyjuice Potion
Harry with his face scratched
Ron looking out from behind a wall
The Malfoys and Snape in Malfoy Manor
Ginny and Ron talking at the wedding
Hermione with the Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
A wet Ron with the locket
Lupin and Tonks looking worried
Hermione near the tent
Hermione looking grim
A Death Eater at the wedding
Harry and Hermione at James and Lily's grave
A wet looking Harry
Ron by a lake
The Trio and Xenophilius in the Lovegood's house
Ron and Hermione
Harry and Hermione in the tent
Harry with the Snitch
Harry standing just outside the tent
Ron in the tent
Bathilda Bagshot
Harry and Hermione in the graveyard

Thanks very much to SnitchSeeker!

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5389 Points

Awesome. im dying with the suspense

Posted by Azaad Potter The Chosen One [ROAR] on September 26, 2010, 12:47 AM report to moderator
421 Points

Blimey, if all death eaters look like that one at the wedding, I might just turn to the dark side :D

Posted by Iceholic on September 26, 2010, 01:15 AM report to moderator
69 Points

i cannot take the suspense!

Posted by emilykirstyn on September 26, 2010, 02:50 AM report to moderator
226 Points
Nice Collection !
Posted by wiltabone on September 26, 2010, 03:41 AM report to moderator
6921 Points

Luna and Xenophilius! So cute. And Lupin and Tonks!

Posted by badger666 on September 26, 2010, 04:23 AM report to moderator
8317 Points

Great pics!!

Posted by forgetmenot_007 on September 26, 2010, 04:52 AM report to moderator
5439 Points


Posted by Fleur-de- Lily on September 26, 2010, 05:48 AM report to moderator
923 Points

I believe that the Death Eater at the wedding is the character Antonin Dolohov, judging by my store of new character photographs.

Posted by Graymayne on September 26, 2010, 06:21 AM report to moderator
1749 Points


Posted by Rin68nyr on September 26, 2010, 09:10 AM report to moderator
74 Points

:D yay it looks soo good :D

Posted by cauldronbum on September 26, 2010, 09:58 AM report to moderator
1001 Points

These pictures are spectacular!!! I cant wait for November!!! :D

Posted by LoonyMaddie3 on September 26, 2010, 10:44 AM report to moderator
1740 Points

Oh god! The pictures look amazing! AAAAAAAAAA!

10268 Points

Anybody else think that Hermione looks rather anorexic in that shot by the tent where she’s wearing a pink blouse and jeans? I know that the trio were supposed to be not eating well while on the lam, but that picture makes me worry that Emma’s modeling career could take a toll on her health in real life.

And who’s the short bald guy next to Fred & George, on the other side from Dung? The only possibility I can think of would be Kingsley, sitting down, without his usual hat and robe and weirdly lit so that he looks like a white person. It doesn’t look like him, but who else is bald who would be present during that scene ?

In general, the color palette of these shots seems off, like everything was shot through a sepia-toned filter. Maybe it’s just how they were captured from the calendar?

Posted by WeenyOwl {The Human Deluminator} on September 26, 2010, 01:45 PM report to moderator
10268 Points

I do like the shot of the Lovegoods. Luna’s dress is perfect for her. But I still think that Rhys Ifans looks way too young to be her Dad.

Posted by WeenyOwl {The Human Deluminator} on September 26, 2010, 01:57 PM report to moderator
606 Points

Great pictures! a little disappointed that there are some changes…no ployjuice potion for Harry @ wedding, nor in Godric’s Hallow

Posted by Dawna on September 26, 2010, 02:56 PM report to moderator
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