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Rumor Alert: A Second Test Screening Held for Half-Blood Prince?

HBP Film
Posted by: sue
March 11, 2009, 09:37 PM

Hang on everyone, as The Sun is reporting tonight a second "secret" test screening for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was held yesterday. In true tabloid fashion, the paper declares that "the handful of devotees came out blasting film bosses for making key characters and plot-lines from JK ROWLING’s best-seller if by magic." As such, the article contains only negative reactions to this supposed screening, with no details provided on where and when these comments were made. One example of reactions as the paper writes " the Half-Blood Prince of the title barely features. Worse still the film was slammed as too SOPPY."

To read more, click here. We are trying to obtain more information about this test screening and will update with more when we can.

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32 Points

Is this true?!?!

I hate The Sun!

Posted by Charlitaaa on March 12, 2009, 03:40 PM report to moderator
32 Points

it doesn’t mean anything to us, the fans, because we know the truth. The movie is going to be awesome, like all of them were. But is bad publicity for the movie because there gonna be people that will not see it because of the “critics”…

I hope this is just a big lie…
I’m very down right now because of this…
Here in Puerto Rico, i heard the rumor @ the radio…so imagine it in other countries…

Posted by Charlitaaa on March 12, 2009, 03:48 PM report to moderator
2417 Points

Aye Carumba!

Posted by Hagrid 713 (ROAR) on March 12, 2009, 03:51 PM report to moderator
5668 Points

lol “as if by magic”

Posted by rebel on March 12, 2009, 04:00 PM report to moderator
2792 Points

That sounds like a typical sun newspaper article to me, i take everything i read in there with a pinch of salt!!

Posted by Snunkiebrian (Gold Marauder46) on March 12, 2009, 04:13 PM report to moderator
354 Points

Even if the screening really happened and there’s a bit of truth in that article, all the negative comments probably came from one or two viewers who would have had bad things to say no matter how good the movie was. So I don’t think we should be too worried.

Posted by Hermionegirl on March 12, 2009, 04:36 PM report to moderator
83 Points

Well I for one will keep my hopes up! I think we should not go into the film already prejudiced against it, because it will make it harder to enjoy. I want to love the movie for what it is- an interpretation of a very moving, very complex, very popular book.

Posted by DaughterOfAvalon on March 12, 2009, 04:38 PM report to moderator
70 Points


Posted by jaiboi2 on March 12, 2009, 04:55 PM report to moderator
8256 Points

I hope they don’t push back the film again! That would suck. I hope the Sun is just trying to stir up interest for the film. It’s only 4 months away.

Posted by spicefan78 OoM1 {ROAR!} on March 12, 2009, 04:59 PM report to moderator
288 Points

Oh mercy. I did not want to hear this after all this time. I feel like we’ve waited YEARS for this movie. Oh wait … we HAVE waited years for this movie. :( Sad.

Posted by Fereverto on March 12, 2009, 05:05 PM report to moderator
8256 Points

I just read the article on I was mad that they cut Billl and Fluer from the HBP film. (That’s why I’m happy Bill will be in DH and hope that Fluer will be as well. I would realy like to see the wedding in the film.) I hope it’s not as bad as the individuals make it out to be. I’m looking forward to seeing the relationships grow in this film. From what I’ve seen of the film it looks great. I guess I’ll hold my judgement until July 17 when I see the film!

Posted by spicefan78 OoM1 {ROAR!} on March 12, 2009, 05:06 PM report to moderator
604 Points

this is garbage. Dont ebleuve a word of it

Posted by Crown Victoria [WBM] on March 12, 2009, 05:18 PM report to moderator

Hey guys, I don’t think I have ever posted on here, but I just wanted to let you all (and Sue) know that I believe the Sun article about a “test screening” is incredibly misleading. The article appears to reference an earlier Chicago test screening (September) that was reported on at The Sun article does not appear to actually attribute the comments correctly, as the comment “It partially blows what may be the biggest surprise of the entire franchise.” is ripped directly from the September review. The Sun article neither credits nor sources the quote to the September test screening. If you look at the enclosed link, you will see that imbedded in the ainitcool reviews from September are other “quotes” that show up in the Sun article, such as the praise of the opening Millenium Bridge scene, and this comment, “The last third of this movie is so incredibly mishandled that Dumbledore’s death feels more like an unfortunate accident than genuine tragedy.” I am not sure what the intent of the Sun article was, but it might be worth someone’s time to investigate this a little further. There may have really been another screening, but this really seems kind of weird.


Posted by whisperstream on March 12, 2009, 05:19 PM report to moderator
1013 Points

I’m not sure why everyone is surprised. I had already decided that, as an adaptation of a book, this film was going to suck copious amounts of centaur droppings, based on the trailers and what people from the first test screening had said. Yet when suddenly the tabloids say that a bunch of people outright said it sucked we’re all surprised?

Granted, I still think it’s going to be a very fun movie and the kind of blockbuster that WB needs to keep up their momentum from The Dark Knight. At this point, I’m entirely resigned to waiting for 50 more years until the REAL Harry Potter films are made.

Posted by Dawlish and the Archies {WBM!} on March 12, 2009, 05:59 PM report to moderator
7239 Points

Just my humble opinion, but one first has to “consider the source”…this is a TABLOID! Of course they are going to grab the first “disappointed fan” they can find. What THEY consider a “hand full” might actually be, oh I don’t know, as many as two! I have been to these “screenings” for other movies. These guys hang out, waiting for folks to come out. If they get a “positive” answer, they don’t print it! Did you notice, as was said here, that there were no positive feedbacks? Hmmmm. Makes ME wonder! Nope. I’m not going to jump on this as anything more than a tabloid story. Fodder, for the dung heap. If you please, I’ll make up my mind, when I see it. I have seen ALL the trailers. And, yes, sometimes what you see in a trailer, may not actually make the “final cut”. Trailers are made, before the film has been completed. We know the film has been completed. I might also add that the comments about the ‘Half Blood Prince of the book is hardly present…just the “love storys”…well, considering how dark and painful this COULD be….they would break it up. But I’m sure that the Prince will be there, in all his sneaky glory. If you remember, all that was “seen” of the “Prince” was in a potions book….that we never saw into. And at the very, very end….calm down, folks. Again. It’s only a TABLOID!

Posted by Confederate Lady [CL, Rawwrrrr] on March 12, 2009, 06:06 PM report to moderator
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