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Harry Potter Novels Make USA Today List of Top Books of the 2000s

Posted by: Edward
December 23, 2009, 11:39 PM

Novels from the Harry Potter series by author J. K. Rowling have been included in six of the ten spots on USA Today's list of the Top Ten Books of the 2000s.  Miss Rowling's novels placed along side the popular Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer and the Dan Brown novel The Da Vinci Code on this list.  The paper notes:

Human readers made it a big decade for novels about wizards, vampires and a Harvard symbologist. Two series for kids with "crossover" appeal to grown-ups —J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and Stephenie Meyer's Twilight— swept nine of the top 10 spots on USA TODAY's best-selling books of the decade. Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is No. 2.

Rowling was a best seller before 2000, when third book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [sic] sold a record 3 million copies its first weekend.

By 2007's release of the finale, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, speculation about Harry's death (unfounded) rose to levels not seen since Charles Dickens' 19th-century serials. A record 8.3 million copies sold in a day.
The article goes on to make mention of the linked successes of the film adaptations of these novels, and quotes Publishers Lunch founder Michael Cader as saying, "They opened as big or bigger than the most anticipated movies, with pre-orders and opening-night parties, which spilled over to other books."

The full top ten list by USA Today is as follows:
1. Twilight, Stephenie Meyer
2. The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J.K. Rowling, art by Mary GrandPre
4. New Moon, Stephenie Meyer
5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling, art by Mary GrandPre
6. Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling, art by Mary GrandPre
7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling, art by Mary GrandPre
8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling, art by Mary GrandPre
9. Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer
10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling, art by Mary GrandPre

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40 Points

wow, i knew they were morons at USA Today but this just brings it to an absurd level. Seriously? seriously Twilight is no. 1? are you #$%^@@# kidding me???? twilight is a pathetic series thats was only made popular by the fact that harry potter came to an end and millions of potter fans were looking for something else to read. And finally, twilight is the most overrated, pathetic, superficial, hollow book series i have ever had the misfortune to hear of.

Posted by NoxNiveus on December 25, 2009, 04:28 AM report to moderator
305 Points

Has anyone else noticed that it’s ALWAYS USA Today making these STUPID comparisons and saying that Twilight is better than HP! I’m just going to ignore this ! They obviously don’t know fantastic,amazing books when they see them ! I mean, anyone with a brain knows that the third book is POA and NOT GOF! Even if they didn’t know ,they should check! Sorry for the rant but this annoys me!

Posted by weasleygirl101(ROAR) on December 25, 2009, 04:58 AM report to moderator

Both this article and this list are ridiculous….You’d think no other books were published other than by these three authors – two out of which seriously cannot be put on the same level as Rowling… and really, as some have already noted before, some of Harry Potter novels listed weren’t even published in this decade!

Posted by goldish_red on December 25, 2009, 05:20 AM report to moderator
237 Points

Besides all of the mistakes and things people pointed out earlier, I love that despite the fact Twilight is chosen as the best book of the year, There is a picture of DH, and it still wasn’t managed to be spelled right. I know the picture and article was most likely done by two different people, but seriously, how long would it take to proof read and get the basic facts right?

Posted by lunalovegood97 on December 25, 2009, 05:36 AM report to moderator
237 Points

Sorry, decade, for Twilight

Posted by lunalovegood97 on December 25, 2009, 05:38 AM report to moderator
2105 Points

I’m sure the list is sales figures – what do you want to bet that many Harry Potter readers read books from the library, but libraries don’t shelve as many copies of the silly twilight books (despite HP challenges!). It’s terrific that Jo got 6 spots on the list for Harry – forget about the fact that Meyer’s on the list too! Harry still rules. : )

Posted by Agrippa1 on December 25, 2009, 05:54 AM report to moderator
199 Points

I don’t think Twilight should have gotten the number one spot. I do think it should be on the list – though I strongly dislike it – because of it’s huge impact in the last couple years. However, it’s only become hugely popular very recently, while Harry Potter has been hugely popular for over ten years. If Twilight stays as popular as it is now for the next ten years, then maybe USA Today could warrant putting it at the top of a list.

Posted by eowyngirl on December 25, 2009, 05:58 AM report to moderator
276 Points

The list must be subjective. It didn’t make any mention of being the top ten selling books, just the top ten books. Therefore the author must be a fan of both Meyer and Brown to place their books ahead of JKR’s. What a shame.

Posted by leigia on December 25, 2009, 06:00 AM report to moderator
478 Points

are you kidding me? why should we care that the muggle society is ful of half-wits who are fooled by this complete lack of creativity? just because Twilight has a bunch of girls with no life supporting it does not mean we need to care. We KNOW Harry Potter is better, so let the muggles be stupid, because years from now, Harry Potter will continue to get awards while no one will remember Twilight.

Posted by ProfessorAlice on December 25, 2009, 07:18 AM report to moderator
156 Points

The only reason Twilight got the top spot is because it’s the most recent. I still believe that the HP should of got the top spot and can’t believe the POA didn’t make, and i never understood the allure of the DaVinic code.

Posted by Anna Weasley on December 25, 2009, 07:35 AM report to moderator
39 Points

Here’s link to article to anyone who wants to read it:

I strongly disagree with the article’s choice of placing Twilight over Harry Potter (2000s was Potter decade without a doubt.) However, I found this part of the article interesting:
“A 2004 report warned that literary reading was fading away, but a 2009 update found reading on the rise for the first time in 25 years; the biggest increase was among readers 18 to 24.”

Biggest increase being 18 to 24 years, precisely the age range of those who grew up with Harry Potter. I don’t think its just a coincidence ;)

Posted by Ellanalida on December 25, 2009, 09:13 AM report to moderator
185 Points

But…I did check out USA today’s article on their site, and all the comments were complaining about T*light beating out HP. Everyone noticed that the two were not compared properly. Go team Potter. :)

Posted by Potter_Puella on December 25, 2009, 01:25 PM report to moderator
4906 Points

wait……what? Twilight?!?!?!?!?!?
“third book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” what?
and they spelled “Hallows” wrong.
no. this is wrong.

Posted by Darth Luna on December 25, 2009, 08:46 PM report to moderator
2168 Points

TWILIGHT??? HARRY POTTER LOST 1ST PLACE TO TWILIGHT????????????? are you KIDDING me????? damn that meyer girl, those sparkly pants ‘vampires’ do NOT deserve 1st place. they shouldnt even be in that top 10. I cannot believe it….. i have an idea, lets buy more and more Harry Potter books, so next time, it’ll be number 1!!!!!!!!! any psychos with me???? ;p ;p ;p
but yeah, i’m glad most of that list is filled with Jo’s precious books. very glad indeed. all of them should be up there. how ironic – the only one that ISNT there, is my favourite one. grr.

Posted by MaggieNoise on December 26, 2009, 03:18 AM report to moderator
55 Points

I have never read Stephanie Meyer books. But I CAN’T imagine that something could be better, than Harry Potter stories… (Sorry Twilight fans!)

Posted by Ildiko on December 26, 2009, 11:30 AM report to moderator
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