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Emma Watson Talks Acting, the Future, and Harry/Hermione in New Interview

Watson Interviews
Posted by: Edward
December 18, 2008, 09:52 PM

A new interview with Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is online this evening which features the young actress answering fourteen questions from  Miss Watson, who is currently promoting her latest film, The Tales of Despereaux, spoke on a number of subjects during this interview including her experience working on an animated film, her Harry Potter co-stars Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory), life in the public eye, and about the relationship between the characters of Harry and Hermione.  When asked if she was disappointed a different relationship never developed between the two characters, Miss Watson notes that she felt is was "always obvious" that Harry and Hermione shared a pure friendship, saying in full:

No ... I mean, to me it was always obvious that their relationship was purely friends. It always felt to me that she was very mothering towards him. It just wouldn't be right. And I think that Ron and Hermione are so perfect for each other that I'm not disappointed. [Laughs] It's meant to be.
The interview also features talk of Goblet of Fire costar Robert Pattinson, who she notes "must be over the moon" about the recent Twilight success, and Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) who all continue to keep in touch between Potter films.  Finally, discussion turns to The Tales of Despereaux and her experience making this film.  In regards to any surprises she experienced in making an animated film, she relates:
It's so rewarding to be a part of -- I mean, this may just apply to 'Despereaux,' I don't know -- but it's incredible to be a character that is being created from animation, and to be involved in that way, and then go sit down in a theater and see something that is almost a complete surprise to you, in the way that it looks and ... it was amazing going to see it. I was just so happy with it -- I'm proud of it. To do so little and to produce something so amazing is quite incredible. It's very liberating, in a way, not to be worrying about your appearance, and just focusing on the voice.
The full interview can be read right here.

Thanks Andie.

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1. emma said she wanted HARRY.. hermione didnt say she wanted harry
2. r/hr are perfect because ron is emotional & street smart,& hermione is logic & book smart.. & they BOTH needs someone to argue w/.. nothing harry could do for hermione… hermione & ron needed a challenge that no other character gave them
3. i hate when people mix up the characters w/ real people… nuff said!
4. and its ok to not like a character, but thats not a reason why you shouldnt like that actor!.
(which everything i mentioned sadly happens alot!:( )

Posted by brittany on December 21, 2008, 05:12 PM report to moderator

wow, major conversations on here about shipping! I am a total H/G and R/Hr lover…I wouldn’t say shipper so much cause I am too old to get into internet conversations about it. But I’m really confused about where people come up with the idea of the other pairings? I’ve recently read all the books again and in every book Harry tho friends with Hermione, is annoyed with her a majority of the time. Especially in Deathly Hallows once Ron leaves, showing then and there Ron is the glue keeping them all together! Yes he cares about her, but he doesn’t know how to deal with her very well without Ron around.
As for Dan and Emma, sure around the time of POA and GOF they may have had crushes on each other, they were teenagers for pete’s sake! But these last interviews she’s done for her movie have described her new boyfriend being around and Dan has been in NYC for the last 6 months with no mention of Emma showing up on his doorstep having nightly trysts! When I look at Dan and Emma being affectionate whether on screen or off, I see two friends just being comfortable with each other. Geez, I acted like that with my friend from High School too, holding hands, hugging, letting my guard down, and he was gay! So unless anyone knows the real situation, like Emma and Dan themselves, its all hearsay!

Posted by drummersgirl on December 21, 2008, 06:22 PM report to moderator

I was too late for the shipping wars and I must say I was completely shocked when I found out about their existence. I understand that people like to IMAGINE a storyline where H/Hr get together but how they can ‘SEE’ it in the books is beyond me. Since the books are from Harry’s point of view and he spends most of his time accepting of, but slightly annoyed with Hermione’s mothering of him. I just cannot see how someone can be arrogant enough to assume something that the author OBVIOUSLY didn’t intended. I’ve read a few arguments based on interpretation of interactions in the book and I’m sorry but none of them make sense no matter how hard I try to justify them.
As for people getting annoyed with Ron ‘abandoning’ Harry, let me just point out that Harry and Hermione ALSO have a falling out in PoA over the Firebolt (even though Hermione’s right to be cautious Harry doesn’t see it that way, he sees it as a betrayal).
Ron has his faults but he is also the person (as discussed in a thread here recently) that Harry needs the most (and will miss the most, GoF 2nd task). Harry draws moral support from Ron, and is grateful when Ron shields him from Hermione’s sometimes relentless nagging (OotP, floo-ing Sirius from Umbridge’s office). Ron’s sensitivity is his strength and his downfall, as is Harry’s impulse to be brave and Hermione’s intellect serves her and the trio exceptionally well but it is also used to cover up her insecurities which makes her at times overbearing and also makes her forget to relax and have fun. I don’t understand why Ron’s weaknesses make him less qualified to be Hermione’s boyfriend, that’s complete madness.

Posted by Karin on December 21, 2008, 07:05 PM report to moderator

Radcakes: To enzie, snoopy and erudite witch, one could question that you are saying Emma was lying when she said she would choose Harry out of Harry, Ron or Krum in that Japanese interview? It’s on film, you know.

I believe Emma would like Harry more. He’s more her type. No one ever denied that. I think you’re getting the actors and characters confused.

Heck eruditewitch STARTED a rupert/emma thread rofl not to mention your squees at them possibly “holding hands” and other scenarios. ( Lol at all these rupertfans on the emmawatson boards here. You’re pumping up her numbers people) I can’t take you seriously after that as well as your attempts at calling dan and emma bad actors for having a natural chemistry onscreen and calling for a cartoon for the evil h/hr scene. You’re a ron/rupert fan and that’s why you don’t want them to have their screen time or possibly overshadow ron/rupert. Actually that’s why i can’t take you seriously, you’re totally biased. Incidentally, emma said she wouldn’t date Dan OR Rupert.

I don’t really understand what you’re saying or where you’re coming from. Did you read the reason I started that thread? Did you read the first post. It was utilitarian due to the fact that the other thread was taken off when the forums retooled.

I don’t ship real life people. It’s creepy.

And as for not wanting more screen time or some nonsense like that: The only thing that matters is that the movie is true to the books. The more true it is, the better it is. I’m not 12…I could care less who’s in it more…but only if that’s how long their character was in the book for.

Posted by EruditeWitch on December 21, 2008, 07:26 PM report to moderator

i agree with snoopys comment, so fair enough, canon isnt law but if Jk Rowling had wanted Harry and Hermione to get together then she would have written it so…. in my opinion ron and hermione are one the greatest couples in literature…. it wouldve been extremely cliche for the main male and main female to become an item and as Jk says herself, ron and hermione complete each other in that they are opposites in personality so compensate for one anothers actions, ron brings out hermiones fun side where as hermione mangages to inject some maturity and seriouness into rons character. perfect :)

Posted by billy on December 21, 2008, 07:56 PM report to moderator

Yeah, Ron and Hermione are like an appetizing sweet and sour dish. Yum!:D

Posted by Me on December 21, 2008, 09:43 PM report to moderator
Duyen another H/Hr vs. R/Hr shippers argument?!

When will you people rest! we all know the real answer now, theres no point arguing!

Posted by Duyen on December 21, 2008, 10:40 PM report to moderator

to Enzie, i didn’t say they had romantic chemistry, they have screen chemistry- maybe it’s what draws one’s eye. That’s not bad acting. It’s rupert fans calling d/e bad actors because lots of people think dan and Emma have great chemistry, a defensive mechanism because they aren’t thinking that of rupert? Also the bashing i was referring to was the fan bashing (not just the stars) Also so what is your comment on Emma saying she’d choose Harry?

Posted by radcakesfan on December 22, 2008, 05:26 PM report to moderator

Emma and Dan do have great chemistry, in the same way Rupert and Dan do. Does that mean that I can say that Ron/Harry is the ship everyone wants because of Rupert and Dan’s undeniable chemistry?

Why is it different for Emma and Dan just because they are of the opposite sex?

That’s why H/Hr is so disheartening. So a boy and a girl can’t be really close friends without people automatically assuming something more, even when they and everyone around them says that’s not happening and never will?

Posted by EruditeWitch on December 22, 2008, 06:04 PM report to moderator

I’m interested in who ‘all these people’ are, who think that ONLY Dan and Emma have chemistry on screen. In all the reviews I have read there is a tendency to comment on the chemistry of the trio and that the three lead actors seem comfortable with each other. A lot of reviewers also comment on the increasing tension between Ron and Hermione and those reviews are always positive.
I’m not saying that Dan and Emma don’t have screen chemistry, I’ve just never heard anyone (except possibly H/Hr or D/E shippers) actually single the two of them out. What draws the eye is an entirely subjective experience. You think they have it, I don’t see what you see, I wouldn’t use it as a basis for claiming that an overwhelming amount of people think that only D/E have on screen chemistry and R/E do not.
@EruditeWitch: I’m interested in what you have written about shipping, where can I find it?

Posted by Karin on December 22, 2008, 06:57 PM report to moderator

Scribbulus from April of 2007 I beleive!

Posted by EruditeWitch on December 22, 2008, 07:04 PM report to moderator

i’ma fan of everything hp (but mostly rupe & dan..well mostly rupert) i see all 3 having chemistry & rupert fans dont get mad at shipping d/e or when they say they hvae more creepy.. because as someone else has said its creey shipping real people!

Posted by brittany on December 22, 2008, 07:18 PM report to moderator


The fact that you imply that the actors don’t truly believe in R/HR and are just putting up a front is pretty out there. I believe (I say “believe” because I’m too lazy to look it up and confirm it, but you can if you wish) that Dan voiced his support of R/HR from the first film. I think he said something about it on Rosie O’Donnell’s show. I just remember him being the first to, and it was before the release of the 6th book. As for Emma: are you serious?! When she’s shown her support she hasn’t done it submissively, but rather as a truly excited fan. She posted about it on her website (when DH was released), and she would insist in interviews that it had to happen, that it was “meant to be.” She looks earnest in her support of the ship. I’ve seen the Japan footage, and I’m totally cool with her picking Harry for herself. But Emma isn’t Hermione. And to say that Ron’s “beneath her,” that’s just a new low. I get that you don’t like Ron, but that’s just something else. Thank goodness, Hermione doesn’t carry such prejudice. I think she’s more intelligent and less arrogant than that.

Posted by FairyLights on December 22, 2008, 11:04 PM report to moderator

Fairylights, they’ve all been pushing or saying that they thought it was r/hr. I know that. I think they did know some things- does anyone else remember Jo saying once that Dan had asked if he would get to kiss Hemione? (the answer was no) Anyways what else would they say? But you cannot say 100% what they ever really think or feel, unless you are their bosum buddy or confidante. It is possible that she might have chosen Harry for Hermione- or Draco for that matter, you don’t know. The fact that she chose the Harry character once upon a time is telling for me, especially when you consider Emma has said she had so much in common with her character. (and no, i am not getting them mixed up. They’ve all said these things)
Brittany, working backwards on the comments here – I have read r/hr or r/e shippers getting pissed off anything that infers h/hr or d/e. Rupert fans pretty much prefer their guy and that means on/off screen with hr/e. It’s not all of them though.
To erudite witch, most people don’t bother starting threads unless they’re interested in the topic. Incidentally i am not shipping real life? I’m shipping the characters. That Dan and Em have a chemistry on screen makes the movies all that more interesting (not saying they have romantic scenes- i’m thinking anything that had that nature in GOF was taken out once book 6 came out, like a certain bts handholding scene.
I had written a comment earlier, but my computer fritzed on me. Internal heating- does dell replace or do i need to buy a new one?

Posted by radcakesfan on December 23, 2008, 12:14 AM report to moderator

Go read the damn thread, Radcakesfan. Geesh. Sometimes those forums go down, and we need to remake everything quickly. I happened to be on.

Fairylights, they’ve all been pushing or saying that they thought it was r/hr. I know that. I think they did know some things- does anyone else remember Jo saying once that Dan had asked if he would get to kiss Hemione? (the answer was no) Anyways what else would they say? But you cannot say 100% what they ever really think or feel, unless you are their bosum buddy or confidante. It is possible that she might have chosen Harry for Hermione- or Draco for that matter, you don’t know.

So let’s just assume they aren’t lying then. If you don’t know then you’ll have to take their word for it and stop posting such wild eyed speculation.

The fact that she chose the Harry character once upon a time is telling for me, especially when you consider Emma has said she had so much in common with her character. (and no, i am not getting them mixed up. They’ve all said these things)

I’d rather date Percy. Doesn’t mean I don’t ship Hermione and Ron. And You can’t take Emma’s personal opinion and apply it to her opinion about her character. That’s very far fetched.

Posted by EruditeWitch on December 23, 2008, 12:27 AM report to moderator
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