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Emma Watson Talks Acting, the Future, and Harry/Hermione in New Interview

Watson Interviews
Posted by: Edward
December 18, 2008, 09:52 PM

A new interview with Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is online this evening which features the young actress answering fourteen questions from  Miss Watson, who is currently promoting her latest film, The Tales of Despereaux, spoke on a number of subjects during this interview including her experience working on an animated film, her Harry Potter co-stars Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory), life in the public eye, and about the relationship between the characters of Harry and Hermione.  When asked if she was disappointed a different relationship never developed between the two characters, Miss Watson notes that she felt is was "always obvious" that Harry and Hermione shared a pure friendship, saying in full:

No ... I mean, to me it was always obvious that their relationship was purely friends. It always felt to me that she was very mothering towards him. It just wouldn't be right. And I think that Ron and Hermione are so perfect for each other that I'm not disappointed. [Laughs] It's meant to be.
The interview also features talk of Goblet of Fire costar Robert Pattinson, who she notes "must be over the moon" about the recent Twilight success, and Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) who all continue to keep in touch between Potter films.  Finally, discussion turns to The Tales of Despereaux and her experience making this film.  In regards to any surprises she experienced in making an animated film, she relates:
It's so rewarding to be a part of -- I mean, this may just apply to 'Despereaux,' I don't know -- but it's incredible to be a character that is being created from animation, and to be involved in that way, and then go sit down in a theater and see something that is almost a complete surprise to you, in the way that it looks and ... it was amazing going to see it. I was just so happy with it -- I'm proud of it. To do so little and to produce something so amazing is quite incredible. It's very liberating, in a way, not to be worrying about your appearance, and just focusing on the voice.
The full interview can be read right here.

Thanks Andie.

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Bleah! I cant stand Rons character, I dont know why, I never liked him. It always amazes me how just because we go outside of the canon were blasphemers. Get over it, Ron just turns some of us off. I still write H/HR fanfiction and I wont change it now because some of you are insanly strict with canon. It all boils down to the fact that Ron annoys me to death, and Ruperts not so hot….bleah!

Posted by kerri on December 19, 2008, 08:54 PM report to moderator

Bleah! I cant stand Rons character, I dont know why, I never liked him. It always amazes me how just because we go outside of the canon were blasphemers. Get over it, Ron just turns some of us off. I still write H/HR fanfiction and I wont change it now because some of you are insanly strict with canon. It all boils down to the fact that Ron annoys me to death, and Ruperts not so hot….bleah!

Posted by kerri on December 19, 2008, 08:54 PM report to moderator

I’ve seen those pictures and I remain unimpressed. Now, you’re just getting a bit creepy, so please stop.

@Eruditewitch: Yes, I’ve read Melissa Anelli’s book. I’m actually quite sure certain H/Hr shipper I know is behind that “slightly less endearing” letter Rowling received.

Posted by HermioneG on December 19, 2008, 08:57 PM report to moderator

It’s okay to not like a character. I am not a fan of Ginny. But I won’t go around saying things untrue about the characters, denying other things that are overwhelmingly true, saying bad things about Hermione for choosing a character you don’t like despite all the good about it, and in insulting the author are something else entirely.

If you have an opinion, and you state that opinion in public, be ready to explain why. And if your explanations aren’t very rational, don’t expect many people to take you seriously and treat you with respect.

@ HermioneG YIKES! That’s scary. I’m glad I don’t know who did that.

Posted by EruditeWitch on December 19, 2008, 10:16 PM report to moderator

Rational H/Hr shippers who accept that canon is canon, and that they have a non-canon shipping preference for H/Hr have never been the problem, in my opinion. But it’s some of the other H/Hr shippers that, sadly, give the group a bad name overall. In comments here, to defend their ship, some H/Hr shippers have essentially said:
1. Emma lies
2. JKR lies, and/or is a bad writer
3. That Hermione is exceptionally smart and modern, but that they are apparently a better judge of who’s good for Hermione than Hermione is
4. That the fact they ’don’t like’ Ron makes him unfit for Hermione
5. That Dan and Emma are poor actors since they are (according to said shippers) exhibiting chemistry that’s not meant to be in the movies, but shows anyway
6. That a 3-, almost 4-year-old picture of two actors holding hands mean that the characters they portray are meant for each other

It’s this kind of non-logic that gives H/Hr shippers overall a questionable name. That, and at least in my experience, the many, many years that so many of them spent viciously attacking us R/Hr shippers for being so stupid as to believe in our own ship, that – oh yeah – turned out to be exactly the one that author JKR was trying to portray.

Posted by enzie on December 19, 2008, 11:34 PM report to moderator

@kerri, I’m so glad to see another person who can’t stand Ron as a character! I often thought him a bad friend to Harry but really came to loathe him in DH and his walkout just confirmed what I had always thought of him (a selfish, childish brat). By the end I couldn’t see why Hermione was wasting her time on him, to the extent that I found their kiss when it happened very annoying, but not because I didn’t believe in the ship itself. In terms of hetero friendship I’m a bit of a Harry/Neville shipper myself.

@Professor Potter, LOL, spot on. I also became a Harry/Luna shipper after book five. I thought that she would be so good for him. Ginny’s fine as a character but Luna’s great.

Personally I don’t have a problem with people shipping, either celeb of fiction.

Posted by anne on December 20, 2008, 06:54 AM report to moderator

I was a big H/Hr shipper after GoF, and especially after OotP. But since HPB was published, I see no point in it. Jo revealed which way she was going to go and her truth is the only one that matters.

My reading of the earlier stories was not just based on Hollywood conventions. There are plenty of examples in both children’s literature and fantasy for main characters who grow close through shared danger to eventually develop romantic feelings for each other, even when they start out as children. Think of Wil and Lyra in Phillip Pullman’s Amber Spyglass, or Shasta and Aravis in C. S. Lewis’ The Horse and His Boy (Narnia).

I think it would have been highly unusual for a 17-year-old boy and an 18-year old girl to spend all that time camping out together and facing so many life-threatening dangers with each other without at least exploring the possibility of deeper feelings. But then, Harry and Hermione were never normal teenagers. If they had crossed that line even once, think how much more difficult it would have been to bring Ron back. It might have made an interesting story, but it wouldn’t have been Harry Potter!

Posted by David on December 20, 2008, 09:05 AM report to moderator

Anne: I don’t want to bog down the comments with this anymore, but maybe you should talk about your feelings about Ron here:

Posted by EruditeWitch on December 20, 2008, 11:51 AM report to moderator

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people shipping fanon couples, be it Harry/Hermione, Hermione/Giant Squid, Ron/Luna, Harry/Luna, but you must remember those are entirely fanon. They aren’t canon. None of those people would match with the other in Jo Rowling’s vision, and her word is the final one. You can have fun in your fanfic though!

Posted by Jennifer on December 20, 2008, 03:14 PM report to moderator

People who dont like Ron, whatever, if they dont like him, that’s their problem. BUT that does NOT mean that Hermione doesnt have to like him or that Hermione becomes a stupid person for liking him. I mean, WTH is that??!! Such people remind me of some nagging parents who refuse to accept his/her child’s bf or gf.

Posted by Puhleez on December 20, 2008, 05:28 PM report to moderator
me again

Hermione can LOVE whoever she wants. It’s her choice. NO ONE has the right to say anything. (In my mind, she’s real, Haha.)

Posted by me again on December 20, 2008, 05:32 PM report to moderator

agree with anne (yeah, there were a lot of things i didn’t like about Ron’s character – he was very funny but abandoned Harry more than once whereas Hermione didn’t) and David ( one would think they must have caved in to the fear and what-all and comforted each other a bit in the way of hugs ‘n cuddles at least lol) .
To enzie, snoopy and erudite witch, one could question that you are saying Emma was lying when she said she would choose Harry out of Harry, Ron or Krum in that Japanese interview? It’s on film, you know.

I have a problem with r/hr shippers bashing other shippers specifically h/hr shippers. Since they are often real life shippers themselves. Heck eruditewitch STARTED a rupert/emma thread rofl not to mention your squees at them possibly “holding hands” and other scenarios. ( Lol at all these rupertfans on the emmawatson boards here. You’re pumping up her numbers people) I can’t take you seriously after that as well as your attempts at calling dan and emma bad actors for having a natural chemistry onscreen and calling for a cartoon for the evil h/hr scene. You’re a ron/rupert fan and that’s why you don’t want them to have their screen time or possibly overshadow ron/rupert. Actually that’s why i can’t take you seriously, you’re totally biased. Incidentally, emma said she wouldn’t date Dan OR Rupert.

I gotta go, can’t believe how much time i’ve wasted here (but it’s fun). Suffice to say, i think if people were less hating everywhere, there’s be less people commenting back heatedly. If you bash anyone, expect them to bash back.

Posted by radcakesfan on December 21, 2008, 01:51 PM report to moderator

Uh…radcakesfan? It was YOU who said Emma (and the rest of the trio for that matter) was lying:

Really, what else could they say? Of course they are going to push the r/hr coupling, it’s what Jo wrote. We will never know truthfully what they feel about the couplings until it is all over though. There’s stuff you say and stuff you don’t say, for publicity reasons.

It was YOU who essentially said they were bad actors because they exhibited chemistry in the films even though they ‘had no romantic scenes’:

However, Dan and Emma just have that chemistry, just walking beside each other or past each other. It’s just there, even though they don’t have any romantic scenes with each other. Must be what they call movie magic.

Those were both from your post of 12/21 at 4:09. Please do not pin those statements on me. I don’t have that kind of arrogance, don’t think they are in the least bit true, and I certainly wouldn’t assume that everyone else in the world sees things the way I do (Dan/Emma chemistry? Erm…no, but I said nothing of the sort in case some people do see it), unlike some people here.

I can, however, agree with two things you said:
1. That Emma said she wouldn’t date Dan or Rupert. Exactly. I believe what she said was that dating either “would be a nightmare” because they’ve all been friends for too long. Glad you’ve finally come around on that, at least.
2. “If you bash anyone, expect them to bash back.” Hmmm. Really? Nowhere in this comment section did anyone say or even imply that Harry was a horrible character, that Dan’s ‘not so hot’, that Harry is childish and selfish (yeah, check the books, OotP perhaps?). But those things were all said about Ron and Rupert. Take your own advice to heart, would you?

Posted by enzie on December 21, 2008, 03:12 PM report to moderator

Lol, I think someone needs to calm down.

I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked Emma wasn’t Hermione, Dan wasn’t Harry and Rupert wasn’t Ron. It appears to me that the lines between fiction and reality are somewhat blurry for you. Hey, I’m a Harry/Hermione shipper too but I got over my disappointment a long time ago, try to do the same. If you’re a Dan/Emma shipper… well, I don’t really want to hear more about that.

I’ve used TLC for years to get Potter news and while I’ve rarely commented in this section, I’ve seen enough of your posts to say that your comment about “less hating” is extremely ironic.

Posted by HermioneG on December 21, 2008, 03:12 PM report to moderator

Thank you, Hermione G, I agree with all you said, including the tendency to confuse actors with their characters (though I suspect that may happen with a handful of people in all camps). You are the sort of rational Harry/Hermione shipper I was speaking of earlier, that I truly think is more in the ‘quieter, calmer majority’. The problem is we don’t see or hear as much of you here and that’s too bad. I’ve even had a number of fun, interesting, and informative debates with people who can explain their positions on H/Hr well – people whose opinions I could consider intelligent, reasonable, and sane.

It’s sad how some people can be accused of ‘bashing’ when all they did was agree with what the actor or actress in the article said, which is how I believe all of this got started.

Posted by enzie on December 21, 2008, 03:29 PM report to moderator
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